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Our Mission

Our mission at Zeeba Education is to provide excellence in dental continuing education to fellow colleagues. We wish to create the ideal environment conducive to learning and dialogue and the exchange of ideas amongst healthcare professionals. 


Located on the south shore of Montreal in the city of Saint-Lambert, Quebec our teaching philosophy and approach is to merge evidence based scientific literature and deliver it in a practical hands-on manner, making it useful and applicable to the everyday general dentist.

Our continuing education director Dr. Omid Kiarash, is a periodontist from Montreal. He is a clinician, an educator, and a specialist who shares his passion for periodontics and implantology.

Under his guidance and leadership we believe the best approach to continuing education is to be interactive in a safe space, free to ask questions and challenge ideas in the pursuit of excellence for the best care of our patients. 

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Full-Day Symposium:

Novelties in IV Sedation, Periodontal & Implant Treatments & Complications

Hygienists (in English)

Saturday June 1st, 2019

Montreal, QC



West Island of Montreal, QC

"Exact Location TBC"

(Free Parking)

All proceeds will go to the
“Cedars Cancer Center Foundation”
for Breast Cancer Care

Symposium d'une journée complète:


Nouveautés en sédation IV, en parodontie, en traitements et complications des implants dentaires

Hygienists (en français)

samedi le 7 septembre 2019

Montreal, QC

Rive Sud de Montréal, QC

"endroit à confirmer"

(parking gratuit)

Tous les profits iront à la
"Fondation du cancer Cèdres"
pour les soins du cancer du sein

2 Full-Day Hands-on Course:

Soft Tissue Grafting for General Dentist

2 Full-Day Hands-on Course:

Atraumatic Extraction & Ridge Preservation for General Dentist


T: 450-672-3232

For Questions Regarding Courses: