2"x2" Swab + Peridex

Once your periodontist informs you the surgical area is safe to start cleaning, typically the very first step is to swab the area with 2x2 soaked in Peridex.

This is a very important technic that must be done regularly to protect your surgical site from an infection. The surgical site is too delicate to be brushed and that is the reason why you need to clean it with a 2x2 swab soaked in Peridex.

You need to take a piece of 2x2 gauze and fold it twice. Pour some Peridex into a small cup. Dip the folded 2x2 into the cup and soak it with Peridex. Now gently swab the surgical area multiple times.

It is important that you swab all 3 surfaces:

1- the facial side (cheek side of your gum)

2- the occlusal side (top side of your gum)

3- the lingual/palatal side (the tongue side of your gum)

It is important to do this twice a day until your periodontist tells you to stop swabbing.

It is important that when you are done swabbing you don't eat or drink for 1hr afterwards.

Post-Op Toothbrush

While brushing the outside surfaces of your teeth, position the brush at a 45-degree angle towards your gum. Gently move the brush towards your tooth in an upward pull only. Do not move back-and-forth vertically or horizontally. You must only pull the brush in one direction, towards the tooth, to help the gum grow towards your tooth.


Brush several times using small, gentle strokes. Use light pressure while pulling the bristles towards your teeth, but not so much pressure that you feel any discomfort.
When you are done cleaning the outside surfaces of all your teeth, follow the same directions while cleaning the inside of the teeth.

Next you will clean the biting surfaces of your teeth. To do this, use short gentle strokes. Change the position of the brush as often as necessary to reach and clean all surfaces. Try to watch yourself in the mirror to make sure you clean each surface. We recommend to brush your teeth for 2 minutes (ie: 30 seconds per quadrant).

Don’t forget to brush the surface of your tongue as well (ideally with a “tongue-scraper”).


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