Periodontics in Greenfield-Park, Quebec

Centre de Spécialistes Dentaires Zeeba

Our mission at Zeeba is the pursuit of excellence for the best specialty dental care for our patients.

We seek to provide this in an atmosphere filled with comfort and confidence for our patients, based on the specialty knowledge and expertise our doctors pose in the the field of Periodontics and Dental Implantology.

Located on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec (across the street from the Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne) our treatment philosophy is one that is conservative.

We fight hard for our patients, for them to keep their teeth for as long as possible through the use of the most recent scientific research based minimally-invasive-surgical and non-surgical protocols. We utilize the most state of the art modern technologies that have passed the tests of peer reviewed evidence based methodologies. We operate highly strict sterilization and infection control processes for the benefit and safety of our patients and staff.

Our doctors are very passionate about their profession. This is proven through their commitment to lifelong learning and self improvement through the tens of hundreds of hours of continuing education that they acquire regularly to stay atop of the research and novelties in their field of specialty.

Dr. Kiarash and Dr. Behmanesh also share a passion for teaching. Through their teachings at McGill University they seek to give back to the profession by training the next generation of dentists. They both also speak and give many lectures to dentists and dental specialists across Canada and around the world in the field of periodontology and dental implantology.

Dr. Behmanesh and Dr. Kiarash are also very much involved in organized dentistry as a means to help advance the benefits of dentistry to the public and all future generations to come. They are President, Chair, Past-President, and members of Education and Executive Committees, of multiple organizations across Quebec, Canada and the United States.

Our doctors are clinicians, educators, and specialists who share their passion for periodontics and implantology. Since 2018 our doctors have started to take their passion on an International Humanitarian Outreach journey to provide dental care to the underserved children and families of Jamaica. While doing so, they also bring dental students along with them and help advance their training in this specialized setting reflecting the importance of giving back to the community.

We welcome you and your loved ones to our family here at Zeeba!